Wednesday, 17 February 2016

On this day 17/2/16

 A free morning, with sunny weather and a trip to the river.
The river Wharfe runs along the boundary between West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire, there are many spots you can visit the river, but here just of the A65 you can park up and go for a little walk.
You can sometimes see many birds on the river or not, but to day was a day for not getting any photos!
First a disturbed a Dipper, which flew of down stream, the children on the other side disturbed a large flock of Lapwings as they were gathering wood out of the field from the last lot of  flooding we've had, later on they would send the Hares scattering as they drove their truck round. Camera not fast enough to focus on a moving Hare.
Black-headed GullsCarrion Crows and my first Curlew was spotted, did manage to get a quick shot of the pair of Oystercatchers and Long-tailed tits hiding in the trees
(Blackbird, Great tit, Dunnock, Magpie, Wood pigeon )